Meet our Executive Team
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Laura Donnelly

Laura is a registered nurse and grad nurse practitioner. She has worked for five years as an RN and has loved the possibilities that come with the role. She has worked mainly as a primary care nurse and a chronic disease nurse in English and French positions. 
Laura has a growing passion for women’s health, functional medicine and all topics related to primary care. Upstream thinking, client empowerment, education and community engagement at a grassroots level remain pillars of her practice. She is thankful for the association as an avenue to meet primary care nurses across the province and country, and to advance excellence and education for this vital area of practice!

Kimberley Froese

Kim has been working as a registered nurse since 1986, mostly in community health settings and nursing stations.  She values ongoing education opportunities, and has completed Northern Nursing, Occupational Health and International Health certificates, as well as recently the RN(AP) course.  She has a particular interest in infectious diseases and youth health.  She values primary health care, health equity, and preventive health care as essential elements in delivering any health care service.  She took on this role of Treasurer to support this association because she has always appreciated the valuable educational and networking opportunities provided by the MPCNA. 

Rebecca Klause
Southern Health Rep
Corry Smyrski
Interlake-Eastern rep